Coming of Age

by Whitacre

Life is a journey. Every day has a new lesson or experience to offer and I try to meet those opportunities with excitement and a willingness to learn. Relationships, careers, music and faith have all shaped the person I am today and am still becoming. "Coming of Age" seemed to be a phrase that I was constantly coming back to. When I was a young kid, I felt a longing to mature and grow into my own skin. Now, as a young adult I face the same feeling and I'm sure that will never go away.



This Westy Session features Paul Whitacre performing his song, "Beth," alongside a 1987 Wolfsburg Weekender. Paul is a Denver-based folk singer/songwriter with a penchant for heartfelt, honest tunes. His new album, Coming of Age, is now available.

Paul Whitacre performs his original song "Only Good Vibes" live at The Gothic Theater in Denver, Colorado.