I'm here, within the mountains shadows. I climb, though I know not how high it goes. In the cold, I can feel you draw me close. Your love, was prescribed to me in perfect dose. Was prescribed to me in perfect dose.

Only Good Vibes

Do the right thing even when it feels wrong. Write a couple lyrics and make it a song. You've got to do your time first, but before long you'll realize you've still got questions. Only good vibes under the sun and if that's accomplished your work is done. Gotta be a good person, have a good run and maybe you could go to heaven - haha. Well I'm a terrible person but that's still the version my Jesus wants to know. Stop talking good vibes under the sun, you are being pursued by the One that knows your heart is sick and your head is sore. I see a person on the corner and they make me feel scared. I pull my phone out of my pocket and pretend not to stare. But I can tell they feel broken - heart in despair, but still I choose to look away. My Daddy doesn't treat me the same. I'm adding scars to His back, He tells me "It's ok." I'm asking I don't understand how I could be saved, He tells me He chose to forgive. I was sitting in this cell when I saw You pass. You said, set My son free, I am free at last. But that sentence was carried by a cross on His back. I am free at last.

Set Me Free

My heart feels funny, when I'm with you. I can't help but worry, I'm not being true. Because my heart's stuck on a girl that don't love him no more. Why do I beg for her love like a chore? Because I see her eyes in the trees I pass. I can feel her skin in the wind that is my body's cast. But her heart loves a new boy - I don't know his name. I'm caught up on our old dreams - it's such a shame. Set me free from these pre-conceived notions. Let my heart take part in loves ocean. 1 then 2, 3 then 4 pick my heart up off the floor. 5 then 6, 7, 8 - am I too late? 1 then 2, 3 then 4 its pretty darn sore. 5 then 6, 7, 8 - set it straight. Set me straight. My mamma says be patient - it's not in my blood. So I write about her; about our love. In hopes she'll hear a song and call my name. She'll hold me tight, tell me she's proud of how far we came.

Some Days

I've been traveling around trying to find myself. I sure hope I am close. I'm not disappointed with where I'm at - just question the path that I chose. Because some days are easier than others. Some days I love to be alive. Some days I can't help but to wonder, where I went wrong and why. Ain't it funny the way our lives change just one day at a time? With the way my life has been flashing right before my eyes, I'd swear I was blind. Because some days go slower than others. Some days go slower than others. Some days I forget about time. Right now I'm facing forward, but the past is all that's on my mind.

Romance Blues

How long have I been in this rut? I don’t even know. 
All I know now is you left me alone, About a month ago. You used to say that I am stuck, With the Romance Blues. You acted like that’s what I’d want. Why would that be what I choose? The romance blues - Getting used to this feeling of running on empty, Burning my last fumes. Because one moment I’m feeling so very good, The next is ultimate doom. Because every time that I try to say hello, I’m welcomed with a goodbye. That’s ok, don’t acknowledge my existence, 
I know you want me to die. I wake up wondering who in the hell I am, Something that’s still unknown. Thought that you could help me figure it out, I guess that I was wrong. So here I am experimenting with these things, 
That I should not be. To try and fill this gaping hole, 
That you have left in me. How do you lose something you never found? How do you bury something that’s already in the ground? 

Escape From Myself

People say I’m smart, But I just can’t understand. That no matter how far I run, 
You don’t let go of my hand. I wish the worst for my friends, Sometimes I help my own enemy. I’m giving my life to someone, That wants the death of me. I call out for help, Silence is all that I hear. I’m a deaf man walking, Clear out my ears Because all I want, 
And all I need, And all I dream about, In my sleep. Is finding a way, And finding an escape From myself. No not again, I’m begging you, not tonight. I can’t say it’s a struggle, If I’m not putting up a fight. And I hate what I do, Oh how I hate what I’ve done. I need the warmth and the light, Provided only by Your Son. You have faith in me, But I lack faith in myself. I’m tired of the weight I’m carrying, Let me put this weight on Your shelf. I’ve maxed out my credit, I wish I could go back and edit. Because I’m forever indebted For the crimes I’ve done. In my darkest hour I’ll look, For the answers in a book. Verses acting as hook. For I am your son


Tell me that it’s real, Or I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m not just looking for someone, That’s gonna get me through. You’re the only one, That I wish to pursue. 
So give me all that you’ve got, And I’ll be forever true. We could be what people thought was fantasy. Only portrayed in the, Hollywood movie screens. Oh the love, That you read about in fairy tales. I will be, Your fantasy. You’re sending so many good vibes, Over my way. Don’t expect me to leave, If you’re pulling my arm back to stay. Your smile shines brighter, Than the suns ultra violet rays. If you ask me, to kiss you, I will obey. 
Now I’m so tired of school, And I know that you are. We’re both poor right now, But let’s shoot for the stars. Let’s ditch this place and just go, Because I don’t need no fancy cars. As long as I’ve always got you, 
For all that you are. 

I Found You

Some say what goes up eventually has to come down, Don’t let me down from here. 
I heard you can’t live a perfect life, I’ve proven that in the past years. I spend so much of my time, Thinking about time alone. I’m no real estate agent, no, Just trying to find my heart a home. And I found you, And I don’t want to let you go. I don’t know what you’re feeling, But I’d sure like to know. Oh I found you, And I don’t want to let you go. The first time I saw your smile, Was like the first time I saw snow. And I found you I don’t know about love at first sight, But man this has got to be something close. I’ve spoken to a lot of girls through my days, But this time is harder than most. My heart skips a beat every time, You walk into the room. I know that it’s still early now, But how about let’s let this love bloom. Once in heaven I heard there is no, Keeping track of time. When I’m with you it must be heaven on earth, Girl, I lose track of mine. I feel like a little boy again, With so much love in my heart. Don't know how I made it this far, of us apart.


Well my hearts been searching, For a place to stay. 
People keep on telling me my heads, Up in the clouds with the planes. And as I’ve gone searching, All o’er the place. The whole damn time I’ve been stuck here dreaming of your face. I know you said it’ll hurt like hell, And I know you said don’t be afraid. When I asked how long, you said I can’t tell, But it’ll all be ok. 
Do you remember the day, That we first met? Never again has my heart felt a joy like that, No, at least not yet. And I won’t soon forget the way, You stole my breath. When you held out your hand to me, Said hello darling, my name is Beth. I remember all those nights, Of you lying inside my arms. When I looked into your eyes, I thought I saw the stars. But picture this, you are a flower. Yes them pedals my heart. And I’ve a been a wishin’ on a lucky pickin’ That you’d give me a restart. 

I'm Addicted

I’m addicted, to what? It doesn’t matter. Consider your life over, this mess will start to scatter. What’d I tell you, what’d I tell you as a boy? No I wasn’t lying to you, and it wasn’t a coy. Now whatcha gonna, tell me whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do now, bet you’re feeling so proud again. I’m addicted, to what? I bet you’d like to know. It doesn’t matter to you, my feelings aren’t yours to show. Now I’m running, I’m running from myself, And I don’t quite know when I’m gonna come back again. Well it’s been so so long. Where did I go wrong? 
Would You take my arm? I am so weak, but You call me strong. Well You better hold on. I’ll just do it again. I’m addicted, to all these different things. It’s hindering my soul, it’s hindering my brain. And it’s causing, it’s causing so much pain. And now its gone and left me, now it’s gone and left me lame again. I can’t live without you.


There’s been a lot on my mind, The past day or two. 
And my oh my have I, Been reaching out for You. 
See it’s the same old story, Every day. I promise You a new me, But something has yet to change. So wake me up, From this trance that I have been walking in. Because I juts cannot stand to waste, Another moment to me, that You, have given. Now Metaphorically I am a child, See I’ve been living without a home. I’m standing in this room full of people, But I couldn’t feel more alone. Because every time that the bullies ask about this or that, I never feel that I am quite prepared to give them an answer back. Now is it possible to walk the right way, Going down the wrong road? Is it possible to knock on the right door, Enter into the wrong home? Is it possible to sing the right words, Along to the wrong song? Is it possible to find a short cut, When it’s been so long? 

Dismal Days

I don’t know where I, where I am going but I sure know
where I have been. And I am hoping, this new beginning, Is so much better, than my last ones end. 
And I would not be, half of what you see without the help of my friends. I don’t know where I, where I am going, but I sure know, where I have been. I’ve been waiting so long, for you. I’ve been waiting so long, 
for you. And as I look back at the hands that we were dealt, it seems as if it were destined that pain be felt.
And as you reach out your hand, for my help. Until these dismal days end, I wish you well. I don’t know what you, What you are thinking, but I am thinking about you. Cuz every time that you flip your hair back
You’ve got my heart turning all askew. Just like the birds chirping, you’ve got my heart turning with butterflies In my stomach too. I don’t know what you, what you are thinking but I am thinking about you. But then again, what else is new? But then again, what else is new? It hurts to look back, back at all that has surely brought us here. And how could I say that it’s not okay to cry when there’s already tears. So let’s not delay, I think that it is okay to trust God with the wheel and let Him steer. Because as life falls apart He will guard your heart as He guides you back Into the clear.

Come With Me

In a world filled with hate, Some call me love. In a world obsessed with sad, I’m happy, joyful and all of the above. In a world living in the dark, Let me be your shining light. In a world afraid of their shadows, Let me tell you it’s all alright. In a house lives a boy, I live in his heart. Some times he’s afraid to talk, That doesn’t mean that we’re apart. He’s got dreams and I have plans, Still yet to unfold. All he has to do is listen, and his story will be told. Patience is a hard thing, it’s a hard thing to learn. Love isn’t something that’s given, no, It’s got to be earned. A weak heart will surely, Collapse under all of this weight. The reward at the end of the road, Is much worth the wait. So come with me, Please come with me. Come with me, Wont you today? Come with me, Please come with me. Tell me that you trust me, that’s all you have to say.

Bad Man

Bad man comes, To do bad things. Bad man gets away with it all. They say he has some special brain Causing him To lose control. Bad man sends, So many home. To a place, They’d rather be. They knock upon Daddy’s door. Daddy welcomes them happily And daddy’s singing… Oh how I’ve waited so so long. To once again hold you within my arms. Don’t you worry this was all for my plan. In just a short while you will understand Bad man comes To do bad things. A young boy waits At the end of the race Bad man does What he’d come to do A young boy awakes In a better place. Bad man comes, To do bad things. But instead, This time he falls. We found ourselves, In the right place. Now a bad mans answering To daddy’s call. Oh how I’ve waited so so long, But I’ve felt separation between you and my arms. I sent you to do So much more. But you took a wrong turn along the way Now you can’t come through my door.

Coming of Age

Well I’m finding the people who say they don’t know You, Talk about You the most. They say You’re absent from lives, absent from their minds, But I’ll bet they taste your close When I was a boy, my momma told me, Always hold your Daddy close. And I always wondered, What she meant. My daddy left me a long time ago. Well I’m coming of age, And I’m so afraid. Because some days I feel I, Don’t even know Your name, And I don’t want to die on the wrong day. Well you are a growing boy, My dad told me. And soon you will, Turn into a man. You will be strong and successful, Only by the good Lord’s hand. I am a dying man here in my bed, Never have I felt more alone. See I’ve battled this everyday of my whole life, But still I know you’ll bring me home.

No No No

So much love up in my heart that I’m feeling like, This thing about ready to blow. The only problem is there’s no one in my life, For me to show. I got to thinking that maybe my heart, Needs left alone. No, no, no Life’s moving by fast but you’ll find me here patiently, Patiently awaiting. The things my friends are, Constantly demonstrating. I used to talk to this       girl, Things were quickly escalating. Then I said No, no, no Because I know that there, Is one for me. And I am in no, No such hurry. To find the one, That I’ve been looking for. I’ll let your heart, Knock on my hearts door. Quicker ain’t always better, That’s something that I have just recently found. Maybe if everyone else finds each other first, You and I would be the only two left around. We won’t even think about, Turning our heads back around. I said no, no, no After a hundred years have passed, And our two hearts have become one. And we’re looking back at all the things, You and I have done. We’ll ask ourselves if we regret, The choice of our love. No No No