Within the Mountains' shadows

i'm here, within the mountains' shadows. i climb, though i know not how high it goes. in the cold, i can feel you draw me close. your love, was prescribed to me in perfect dose. was described to me in perfect prose.

Change my ways

i don't want to talk about it no more. been talking about it for the past hundred days. i could pick you up at a quarter past 4, hit the road, won't turn around - what do you say?

oh, oh, oh 

i'm tired of hearing, change my ways; saying it can't be done. if it takes me 'til my dying days, i'd say that's been a damn good run. 

soon this world is going to leave me behind, that's not the end of the road. i know without me that you will be fine; you will come to know the kindness that i was shown. 


i'm addicted; to what? it doesn't matter. consider your life over, this mess will start to scatter. what'd i tell you? what'd i tell you - tell you as a boy? i wasn't lying to you and it wasn't a coy, now what you gonna do?

it's been so, so long - where did i go wrong? would you take my arm? you better hold on. i'll just do it again.

i'm addicted; to what? i bet you'd like to know. it doesn't matter to you - my feelings aren't yours to show. now i'm running - running from myself, and i don't quite know when i'm gonna come back again.

it's been so, so long - where did i go wrong. would you take my arm? you better hold on. i am so weak, you call me strong. would you take my arm? you better hold on. i'll just do it again.

i'm addicted; to all these different things. they're hindering my soul, hindering my brain and they're causing. they're causing so much pain and now they've gone and left me lame again.

find the light

it's ok to say you're not alright. i feel that too. you're broke down, hope's downed, no end in sight - the lies break through.

when the days get dark, try to find the light. it's all around. when the beat of your heart cries for new life, it can be found. 

when you get beat down, get yourself off the ground, turn your life around and find the light. lift your head to the sky, give it some time, don't lose sight just find the light. when you get beat down, get yourself off the ground, turn your life around and find the light. lift your head to the sky, live while you're alive and find the light.

it's too late to cave, just start the day, you are here now. don't look back or wish that your heart could change some time, some how.

The Fence

i've been sitting for hours, waiting for days. my oh my, tell me this is just a phase. in the back of my head i can hear a small voice say - "don't you cry, you ain't gonna die this way."

in due time, it'll be just fine, but at what expense? i'm on the fence.

all the signs say stop, my heart tells me go. don't break yourself and don't do this for show. when the passion inside collides with your soul, take a breath and dive toward the unknown.

Set Me Free

my heart feels funny, when i'm with you. i can't help but worry, i'm not being true. because my heart's stuck on a girl that don't love him no more. why do i beg for her love like a chore?

because i see her eyes in the trees i pass. i can feel her skin in the wind that is my body's cast. but her heart loves a new boy - i don't know his name. i'm caught up on our old dreams - it's such a shame.

set me free from these pre-conceived notions. let my heart take part in loves ocean. 1 then 2, 3 then 4 pick my heart up off the floor. 5 then 6, 7, 8 - am i too late? 1 then 2, 3 then 4 its pretty darn sore. 5 then 6, 7, 8 - set it straight. set me straight.

my mamma says be patient - it's not in my blood. so i write about her; about our love. in hopes she'll hear a song and call my name. she'll hold me tight, tell me she's proud of how far we came.

Some Days

i've been traveling around trying to find myself. i sure hope i am close. i'm not disappointed with where i'm at, just question the path that i chose.

because some days are easier than others. some days i love to be alive. some days i can't help but to wonder, where i went wrong and why.

ain't it funny the way our lives change just one day at a time? with the way my life has been flashing right before my eyes, i'd swear i was blind. because some days go slower than others.

some days go slower than others. some days i forget about time. right now i'm facing forward, but the past is all that's on my mind.